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Volume Discount Pricing Calculator

Chequers Software offers discounted volume purchases on selected software products, using continuously variable volume pricing™.

Using the green boxes, select the software product, support period, and enter the number of licenses:

Volume Discount Calculator

Select Software Product:

Select the number of years support:

Enter the number of licenses:

The more you buy... the greater the discount...

Single PC / user license support cost:

Volume discounted price, per licence:

Volume Discount:

Total $US:

 Buy Volume Discount licenses via secure server

The "Buy Now" button will take you to our secure payment site.

Conversion from US$ into your preferred currency is easily performed there.

Please note there may be taxes added for some countries, for example VAT, GST etc. 

For purchasers over US$500.00 please contact us to confirm payment arrangements.

If you need an invoice prior to payment, email (or fax) us an order number together with your company details, product, years of support and the number of users.

For Cheque, Cash, Bank Deposits or Money Order Payments, download this text form and E-Mail or post to us here.

Its Simple.  The more you buy, the cheaper it should be.

Chequers Software believes that fixed band pricing, while simple, does not fairly price over the typically wide range of each band. The fairest pricing strategy for volume software transactions is the CheqSoft practice of continuously variable volume pricing™, as illustrated above. Please email us and tell us what you think.

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