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This page is written specifically for

Break Reminder
Clipboard Express Pro
TimesOwn and TimesOwn Pro.

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  • In the unlikely event that things go wrong with our software here are the steps you should please take. If the first step does not solve your issue please go on to the next step.

    1. Open Task Manager (Right click the Task Bar or type Ctrl+Alt+Del simultaneously (once!)) Check to see if the application is still running. If so Select "End Task" which will shut down the faulty process. Restart the application.

    2. Log off and log back on again, often fixes many problems.

    3. Warm Reboot (without powering off the PC) and try again.

    4. Cold Reboot (Powering off the PC also) and try again. Most problems should be fixed by now.

    5. Still a problem with our software? Stop here!! Please advise us using email or our feedback page.


    • Give us a detailed description of what occurred. (no matter how hard we try we cannot guess this!)  Please tell us what you were doing, what you expected to happen and what actually happened.

    • Be sure to include the Support Log as found under the Help menu in our software. This is a very easy way for you to tell us what we may need to know about your system.

      • Use the command "Support request via e-mail..." You will be offered to copy the information to the clipboard. This is the easiest way to transfer the information to an email, however it will overwrite what is in the clipboard. (you have the chance to paste this somewhere first) Otherwise you can attach the support file. See the directions in the support e-mail text that is generated.

    • Note we recommend you do not reinstall until discussing the issue with us.

    • Screen dumps and digital images are often extremely helpful:

      • Press Shift+Print Scrn to copy the whole screen image to the clipboard or Alt+Print Scrn to copy the fore most window to the clipboard.

      • Paste the image(s) into a graphics program or word processing program such as Wordpad or Word, save and email to us.

    • Please advise a backup e-mail address (from a different domain) and fax number.  (See below - thanks viruses!)

    • Any other information that you feel may be relevant or useful to help us help you.

    We will respond as soon as possible.  Licensed users will ordinarily receive priority responses.

  • Please note: an occasional problem we encounter is that our e-mail support responses are rejected and therefore not received by the customer. If you find we seem to not respond please consider if you could have a spam blocker or similar blocking our e-mail responses.  CheqSoft does not generate spam, however we seem to have made it onto some spam blocking devices.   This presumably is almost certainly a result of viral spoofing our email address on the Internet.  If this is the case for you and you are not receiving responses from us then we suggest you make the appropriate response to your spam blocker or IT department.  We end up receiving e-mails, responding - but not being heard!  We do not enjoy this either!  Please email us an alternative e-mail address or fax number if you think this may be occurring.  Any other suggested solutions would be appreciated.


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